We couldn’t be more delighted! Working with The Skill Studio and Ms Chitra has been a splendidly positive experience, where our expectations were exceeded. I unequivocally recommend The Skill Studio to those interested in the development of self, their teams and the organisation as a whole.
This training has helped me in learning and implementing lots of new ways of customer management. I especially enjoyed presentations and business etiquette.
Topics such as email etiquette, assertive communication and body language are skills that get ignored. Learning these skills is definitely a big help in my job.
Napa software services
The Program helped me in overcoming my shyness and I am confident of being able to interact with my customers better.
System Controls
I am in a client facing role and hence this workshop made all the more sense to me. Going forward, I will pay the same amount of attention to my grooming and etiquette as much as my subject knowledge. I think my overall dressing sense has improved!!
Tyco Electronics
I am glad our High Impact Communication and Intercultural Communication program was tailor- made for us. I now feel comfortable communicating with my Asia Pacific counterparts.
Srinivasa Fashions
Chitra is true professional in her domain - a very energetic voice artist who can take on any kind of character. I found her very dedicated, open to feedback and always sticking to timelines in completing the work.
SOH Network
I am happy I have learned ways to manage my team and interact with them in an improved manner. I feel at ease in handling difficult situations and team conflicts. This was a great journey. I have also improved my ability to speak in front of a crowd
This program was filled with scenarios and examples-it was excellent so please don’t make any changes to it
Our biggest drawback was that each department was working in silos. We were facing so many challenges with each other that only increased problems with our overall hiring capability. This session has now given us insights into all those areas. I look forward to implementing the techniques and processes.
HR executive, Open Workshop
Finding a good voice-over artist can be hard and we don’t always know what we are getting. In this regard, the Skills Studio stands out from the rest, and we got a great job done. The audio quality has been top notch with everything done right the first time. We have had our audio scripts recorded, edited and returned within the time constraints set.
Amrita University
I had many reservations about giving presentations, but this workshop provided a lot of good information and tools to help make me a successful presenter.
Sales Manager, Open Workshop
I would strongly recommend the audio-visual services at The Skill Studio for the impeccable quality of work and commitment.
Tata Consulting Services
Excellent voiceover work, great professionalism and speed of completion
Individualist Designs LLC
The program was well structured and it was different from the usual stress management sessions. Very little of theory and relevant practical sessions that I completely enjoyed.
Operations Manager, Open Workshop
I had a great time working with the team of Skill Studio for my promotional video. I found them extremely professional and knowledgeable. I will certainly recommend them to my colleagues.
Perfect 32
It is always a pleasure to work with Chitra – her professional attitude and devotion to what she does makes her a great person to work with. She is always friendly and responsive, and delivers high quality results. Keep up the good work, Chitra, thank you!
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