Training Services


It begins with a thorough understanding of the requirement. Our diagnosis process ensures that we tailor-make the program & content to suit individual/organization needs. Every program can be delivered in a number of different formats including ½ day programs, weekly or monthly sessions and workshops.

We provide comprehensive assessment, learning and coaching solutions. When you invest in getting people trained, it is just as important to ensure they apply it in their lives. At SkillStudio, we promote enthusiasm, humor and interaction to make the learning experiential as well as result oriented.

We use latest techniques in adult learning including simulations, application exercises, group exercises, mocks, case studies for our programs. The emphasis is more on application than theory. Every participant gets focus and individual attention to deal with their specific issues.

We design customized training kits, complete with training material, speaker notes and can also train internal facilitators to deliver these programs.

Any training program will involve 3 phases
Pre-training Need Analysis: Understanding the need for the program, participant profile, focus group meeting to understand key challenges with respect to the topic of training, feedback from supervisors on areas to be addressed.

Training Intervention: Every program will be a combination of experiential learning, best practices, tips and techniques sharing by the facilitator and immediate application of learned concepts.

Post-training Effectiveness Check:
  • Based on the program objectives and pre-determined parameters, the participants will be assessed on their skill assimilation by the facilitator and the Supervisor/Manager.
  • Detailed feedback will be shared with all participants on an individual basis.
  • The trainer sends out detailed trainer notes along with assessment results after the program.
  • Individuals will put down their individual action plan including their SWOT and share it with the facilitator.  The ownership of implementing the action plan will lie with the participant and the Supervisor/Manager.
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